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Etat Libre d'Orange

Bad Reviews

The Problem

Please Dear God, Not Another Sexy Perfume Ad

The fragrance brand Etat Libre d'Orange needed to break into the U.S. market. They thrive off their unique approach to perfume in general, so they wanted their ads to reflect that. They begged us. Anything but another sexy perfume ad (Google image search "perfume ad" and you'll see we're not kidding). 

The Solution

Let's Get Risky, Not Risqué

So, we sourced authentic bad reviews of all Etat perfumes from different online platforms, discovering in the process that these perfume reviewers all have a career in copywriting. 


We matched the review to the fragrance then added the ironic twist of classical French Renaissance paintings as background imagery to further point out the absurdity of the comments while still linking to the brand’s French heritage. Was the review about the painting or the scent? Judging art and fragrance is a subjective task. We found absolute perfection in the ambiguity.

Not Convinced
Two Zombies
Whatever, Fat Electrician
Heads Nor Tails

We ran a series of Facebook and Instagram campaigns with the goal of increasing sales and revenue. A secondary goal was to increase traffic to their site with high conversion rates and time spent on site while maintaining a low bounce rate. 


There were four unique campaign objective types: a Conversion campaign, a Traffic campaign, a Retargeting campaign, and an Abandon Cart campaign. The conversion and traffic campaign included testing of different creatives, audiences, copy, and call-to-actions to determine the ads that would drive the best results.


We created dynamic landing pages that displayed the same creative assets from the ads to ensure a cohesive user journey from the ad platforms to Etat’s website. To retarget users who had visited Etat’s website after clicking on a conversion or traffic ad, we ran a series of retargeting and abandon cart ads that reengaged audiences with a higher intent to purchase. 

Etat goes a step above to let customers know that they are more than just a brand. They are people too. People with a great sense of humor. We created an email and discount opportunity based around a unique Facebook interaction with a customer and the Etat brand.

Dynamic Landing Page

The Results

Bad Reviews, Great Results

The campaign not only drove a strong return on ad spend, increase in purchases, and website visitors but also high post engagements and increased brand affinity. In the first 45 days of the campaign launch, we've spent a total of $18,937.07 on paid social. Etat Libre d'Orange US has increased total sales by 611%. Website traffic increased by 875% with total orders improving by 735%.

Breaking down sales by social channels, there was a 12,454% increase in Facebook purchases and a 2,827% increase in Instagram sales. There were over 19.4 million impressions, 35K+ engagements, 8,400+ post shares, and over 6,300+ comments driving a total earned media value of $450,000. 


So far, the comments are our favorite part! Check out some of the highlights.

comments combo_new-02
Favorite Comments | Part 2
Favorite Comments | Part 4
comments combo-5-05

The End?

Not Quite, We're Just Getting Started

We've had phenomenal success in just the first several months of our campaign. We still have more time to go and it's only up from here!

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